Accompanying the project

Concept of the hotel reflects the essence of the project and its direction. Kyiv Hotel Group provides accompaniment of the project as a result of market research on the basis of which it is possible to conclude about future success of the project. Accompanying the hotel project by Kyiv Hotel Group experts will help you identify the most effective functionality of the hotel and, on this basis, to develop a well-balanced premises layout and communications between the production, service and guest areas. Kyiv Hotel Group company is ready to assist in the creation of the object on the stage of projection and construction.
Preparation of technical project. Implementation of the Customer Service functions in the construction of the object. Work with developers. Planning tasks for the project realization with the determination of terms and costs. Author's supervision over the conformity to the hotel technology and internal logistics facility. Tendering and selection of suppliers. Equipment of the hotel and departments with commodity and material assets. Commissioning hotel in operation. Preparing object for a star rating**** (relevant category).
Individual calculation according to the type of the hotel, stage of development (construction, reconstruction), the complexity of the infrastructure of providing services and other requirements to the object of operation.
Compliance of deadlines and project budget, reducing the probability of risks related to the violation of the internal space of the hotel: allocation of space for the device hotel rooms, F&B, other revenue centers and general infrastructure. Optimizing yield of the object.