The management company Kyiv Hotel Group owns a practical technology for making successful hotel. Professional experts consultations will help to improve the efficiency and level of the providing services, besides, our recommendations take into attention the individuality and commercial characteristics of the object.
Participation in the development of hotel concept (including compliance with international standards). Implementation technical support (consulting services for the engineering and construction of the hotel). Preparations for opening of the hotel and launch the object (Pre-Opening). Establish and implementation of marketing programs and sales. Human resource management. Managing income and expenditure, management accounting. Strategic Planning and Budgeting. The introduction of common standards and monitoring compliance with the requirements to the activities of the hotel. Business processes optimization and procedures. Automation Control Processes of the hotel and restaurant. Automation processes of the central reservation. "Preparing" the hotel / restaurant for certification.
I. Analysis of economic activity (the operating system of control and accounting).
II. Analysis of the material and technical base. Audit of engineering systems and equipment.
III. Analysis of financial and economic performance of the hotel. Financial operations scenarios.
IV. Developing financial reporting and implementation of the budgeting system.
V. Price formation.
VI. Cost optimization.
VII. Uniform system procurement and equipment of the hotel.
VIII. Analysis of service quality.
IX. Optimization of the internal control system. X. Staff training.
XI. Development of organizational structures, work schedules, job descriptions and normative legal documentation related to the specifics of the services, accommodation and food.
XII. Development and implementation of corporate standards.
XIII. Methodical provision of training programs.
XIV. Preparation of the annual marketing plan and sales.
XV. Preparation of budgets (equipment for the opening of the hotel, the monthly consumption of goods and materials, and so on). Project expertise on the rationality of the architectural and engineering solutions for the further operation of the hotel, as well as for compliance with the standards and requirements of State Standard according to the object category.
XVI. Training / development of database for installation of ACS in restaurant
XVII. Formation of the promotion policy object on the market.
Economy of means for hotel "promotion", guarantee of a high quality service, due to the practical work of procedures and service standards of the company; - Guarantee competent management; - The formation of a successful market product increase load (OC%) increase in GOP, RevPAR, ADR and other KPI, characterizing the financial stability and profitability of sales.