Business planning

Business planning – a set of activities to determine the parameters of the future of the enterprise company. At this point, experts are studying the competitive environment, characteristics of the location, generators demand, characteristics of customers flows, availability of human resources, development prospects of the region and other components to form a business model of company.
Development of business plan
I. Summary.
II. General characteristics. Type of business and the description of the industry (the relevant geographical location). Description of services provided by the hotel. Location of the hotel. Ability to implement services. Competitors inside. Analysis of hotel market* (corresponding segment) Success factors and potential problems. Risk analysis. Organizational structure of hotel and staff. Security system. Price policy. Advertising. Composition of hotel customers, main organizations - clients.
III. Production plan. Production capacity.
IV. Creation centers of income and costs. Creation centers of income. Creation centers of costs.
V. Financial plan. Data for calculation indicators of financial plan. Planned functioning capacity characteristics of basic services and departments. Applications (forecast report of profit and loss in 1-5 years. Calculation of profitability, payback period, net present value).
VI. Conclusions (assessment of efficiency and investment attractiveness of the project).
The agreement according to the type of the hotel, stage of development (construction, reconstruction, project, etc.), the complexity of the infrastructure of services and other requirements to the object exploitation.
Assessment of the project effectiveness, the investment attractiveness.